31. 01. 2024

Nike – Holistic Fitness – House of Innovation Paris

Our Paris team captured the first campaign of 2024 for Nike at their European Flagship store

Our Paris team recently had the privilege of capturing Nike’s first campaign of 2024, focusing on holistic fitness at their European Flagship store, the House of Innovation in Paris. This project underscores TDM.Space’s expertise in commercial photography across major cities, showcasing our team’s ability to highlight the innovative spirit of brands like Nike.

The visuals from this campaign are a testament to the collaborative effort between our Paris team and Nike, aiming to bring the concept of holistic fitness to life. Through our lens, we’ve captured the dynamic interaction between the brand and its community, offering a glimpse into the future of fitness.

Discover the vibrant energy and innovative designs of Nike’s holistic fitness campaign on TDM.Space. This series not only highlights our ability in retail store photography but also showcases how visual storytelling can capture the heart of a brand’s message.